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September 4th, 2005

09:17 am
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(I can try to do some of the feast and the Ball announcement if need be.)

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September 2nd, 2005

05:54 am
Character's name: Archibald ('Archie') James MacGregor
House: Ravenclaw
Year in school: Third
Character strengths: Quite intelligent, Archie fares best when working at tasks that require an eye for the small details. He also is an avid reader and loves the Hogwart's library. He will put all his energy and resources into the things he enjoys best. He may also be one of the few students who can actually stay awake through History of Magic class. He's also usually quite friendly and outgoing and loves a good joke.
Character weaknesses: If he finds something dull or uninteresting Archie often has a hard time staying on task, often procrastinating until it's almost too late to get the work done (he's handed in more than one Divination assignment late). He also has a strong tendency to avoid conflict; he has to be pretty riled up to say or do anything that might bring him into opposition with someone else. He knows he should speak up more in defence of Muggles or even of himself but often fails to do so.

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August 30th, 2005

01:52 pm - Lenore Ashton

Name: Leanne
Character's name: Lenore Ashton
House: Huffelpuff
Year in school: 3rd  year
Character strengths: Lenore is good at academics and excells well in her classes.  She uses her strengths to do well in school and her classes.  She can make friends easily and is a loyal friend.  She is also loyal to her family and wants to excell well for her mother and father.
Character weaknesses: Lenore does not do well in sports.  Sports are not her thing.  She alos tends to over analyze things and that can cause her good friendships.  She also tends to be very critical of herself is she does not do well in her classes.

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August 22nd, 2005

10:38 pm - My Character...
Name: Jennifer
Character's name: Taela May Ridgeway
House: Ravenclaw
Year in school: Third

Character Strengths: She is excellent in her classes and recieves some of the best grades in her year. She has a quick mind and wit, and when tested, comebacks simply flow from her mouth. She is intuitive and watches those aroudn her in order to get a hold on their character and understand their behavior. She is also so kind, it sometimes comes back to haunt her.

Character weaknesses: Although excellent with classwork and reading people, Taela is too shy and hasn't the confidence to make lasting friendships, even in her own house. She needs people to make the first connection for her, because of her shyness. Often, that shyness is mistaken for aloofness.

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August 19th, 2005

06:35 pm
Name:  Emily
Character's name:  Verity Anne Thomas
House:  Gryffindor
Year in school:  Third
Character strengths:  Verity
is very good at not being noticed when she wishes.  She's easily
adaptable and very articulate.  She is passionate about many
things, and her enthusiasm can carry her through many unsuspected
Character weaknesses:  She can also get carried away with an idea and refuse to drop it, even once it is proven to be a bad one.  Once Verity has her mind set on something, it takes a good deal or force (or skillfully applied diplomacy) to change it.  She doesn't conceal her feelings very well and often offends because of it.

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03:28 am - James Hobson
Name: Jeff Berndt
Character's name: James Hobson
House: Gryffindor
Year in school: 3rd
Character strengths: Athletic and practical, very patient, almost always prepared for life’s little mishaps (school bag well-stocked with extra quills, rolls of parchment, spell-o-tape, pins (bobby and safety), pocket handkerchiefs, etc. Is able to behave calmly and correctly in almost any social situation. Has an aptitude for flying and for any magic which replicates muggle chores (the Scourgify charm, for example), James’s theory being that if you know how to do something well the hard way, your charm will be better.

Character weaknesses: James’s reserved politeness can make him seem distant, even haughty, until one gets to know him. His muggle background has not exactly prepared him for life in the wizarding world, so he often has to spend extra time studying for things muggles just can’t do (the Wingardium Leviosa charm, for example), and sometimes first exposure to a new spell will leave James very much wrong-footed.

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August 3rd, 2005

08:22 pm
Name: Jennifer
Character's name: Loretta Squab
House: Ravenclaw
Year in school: 3rd
Character strengths: Does well in MOST of her classes, though usually better at the theoretical aspect of the subject than the actual application of it (example: She can identify magical plants and knows how to use them, but couldn't even grow weeds if her life depended on it...) Has a knack for stumbling onto secrets, finding her way around Hogwort’s, locating people and research…just finding things in general…

Character weaknesses: Flying? She can...barely. Quidditch? Not a chance! Has a short temper, is quite short, and is blunt and outspoken, and insatiably curious. Tends to be a bit rash and quite hard-headed. Although she is great at finding information, she doesn't remember names and dates well, and has a pretty short-term memory if she doesn't take notes.

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August 2nd, 2005

11:05 pm
Name:  Emily
Character's name:  Desdemona Wraxton
House: Gryffindor
Year in school: Third
Character strengths: Desi has adapted quickly to Hogwarts life.  She does well in her classes especially Charms.  She also is very graceful having danced and ridden since before she could walk properly. 
Character weaknesses: In spite of being adaptable, Desdemona can be overwhelmingly shy.    She also has some of the inbred faults of her background - an overestablished sense of self and some innate snobbery that she tries to quell.

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01:21 pm - Fergus Moore
Name: Fearguis
Character's name: Fergus Moore
House: Gryffindor
Year in school: 3rd
Character strengths: Gifted "Seer", coupled with the ability to see all sides of a problem. Fergus usually makes well-informed decisions. His intuition makes him an excellent Keeper in Quidditch, as well.
Character weaknesses: Can be unintentionally arrogant, having a firm belief that his view is always right. (Though it usually is)

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July 30th, 2005

05:37 pm
This is the place where you can introduce yourself to the Harry Potter: Upon the Threshhold community. If you stumbled upon this page randomly, go here to see what this is all about.

Before you apply:

Please take the time to review the writing style and guidelines in the main group located Here at the main info page . This is not like most Live Journal RPG's in that we expect longer posts, more complete writing, and less frequent posting. We'd like regular comments, but we respect that not everyone is hitting live journal hourly.

The application

To join HPUtT, submit an introduction that contains the following information:

Character's name:
Year in school:
Character strengths:
Character weaknesses:

Then in a Journal cut, include following:
Physical Description:
Favorite classes:
Least favorite classes:
Posessions (include cats, owls, rats and toads here):
Bio: (A short bio of your character, leading up to and including the day they received their letter for Hogwart's)

This will help reduce some of the clutter on the main page.

The goal of HPUtT is to create a cast of characters that would be equivalent to Dumbledore's Army, so please, no Malfoys, Parkinsons or LeStranges need apply...unless they plan to play along. Remember too, that the year is 1938--goths did not exist as a sub-culture, girls wore knee-length skirts and gloves and did not hang around with boys unescorted without repercussion. "Hot" and "cool" were not slang terms of significance. Just a few things to keep in mind as you're writing...

Character Limits
Players are asked not to take on specific characters from HP cannon. This includes Riddle, Hagrid, McGonagoll, etc.
All characters are expected to be students in first through 3rd year.
Characters will be working together and interacting heavily. The more you provide in your character description, the better we'll all be able to include them in our posts/ writings.

I would sugest that those unfamiliar with history take some time to read up on the period before delving too deep in their characters. Take some time to look at fashion images, look at the order of events of the war in Europe and how England reacted (or at least how Muggle England reacted). A great and easy to use resource I have found is: http://www.hp-lexicon.org/index-2.html

But most of all have fun.

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